How to Stay Clean in a Sober House

In order to stay clean in a sober house you have to remember a few basic principles. These are easy to remember and quite effective means of staying sober. Living in a sober house while it is a safe place is not always an cinch. You are living in a house with other addicts and alcoholics, that mean’s there is always a chance for relapses and dishonest behavior.


The first step in how to stay clean in a sober house is to not make it the foundation of your recovery. Anyone staying at a sober house should make sure to make they’re finding their base of recovery in people who have longer lengths of clean time. Finding the base of your recovery with the people who have the same amount of clean time or less in your sober house could be seriously dangerous. When this happens addicts and alcoholics who don’t have much time tend to enable each other. With a recovery base outside of the sober house it will help you to stay clean in a sober house.


The second step in how to stay clean in a sober house is to remain accountable and honest. A lot of the time addicts and alcoholics are not used to thinking of how their actions affect others. This can lead to some dishonest behavior and anger between the people living together in a sober house. What everyone can do to help this is to stay accountable, follow the rules and stay honest about what is going on and what they are doing. In this way no one has to worry about the actions of others and everyone has open and honest communication with each other in the sober house. In this way there is a transparency that allows everyone to benefit the most they can in the sober house.


The third and final step on how to stay clean in a sober house is to recognize that sober houses are meant to be transitional living. Get a job, begin working a 12 step program and get commitments. The majority of a person’s time should not be spent at the sober house. The people who usually do the best at a sober house use it merely as a safe place to stay, utilizing the accountability and commitment of the house to keep them honest and safe but continuing on with the progression of their life and their recovery. Sober houses are not meant to be a vacation place or a place to hang out with other addicts and alcoholics. Sober houses are meant to be the sturdy safe place you can rest your head at night while you jump head first into life again, sober probably for the first time in a while.


Through these steps most people can and will find out how to stay clean in a sober house. Just remember that no one working a 12 step program who is doing the right things needs to use or drink again and utilize the sober house what it is meant for, a safe place, not exactly recovery.