Gender Specific Sober Housing

Gender specific sober housing is one of the most effective ways of helping a person to stay sober once they have completed inpatient or residential treatment. Most people who end up staying sober for copious lengths of time attended a gender specific sober housing environment. In fact people who have at least a year clean have said that they went to a gender specific sober housing environment and it was the best decision they ever made.


Gender specific sober housing is so successful because early in recovery many addicts and alcoholics are just learning how to live life again. This sober housing is a place for addicts and alcoholics to have a safe environment while also experiencing more freedom as if they were living on their own; giving them a chance to practice, if you will, managing their life.


While drinking and drugging many female and male addicts spent time with only members of the opposite sex creating a lot of mistrust and misunderstanding towards members of the same sex. Many addicts and alcoholics have had severely dysfunctional relationship in the past due to their using and drinking. Along with this some addicts and alcoholics even became overtly promiscuous when high or drunk and learned to manage same sex and opposite sex relationships in an unhealthy manner. This is why when gaining back freedom after residential or inpatient drug treatment it is essential that a person utilize gender specific sober housing.


This gender specific sober housing can teach women how to appreciate women again and men how to appreciate men again. It also nullifies the one mistake lots of addicts and alcoholics make when newly in sobriety; which is getting into a relationship. With gender specific sober housing a person can learn to stand on their own two feet independently through learning the value in the other people of the same gender. When someone learns the value of the men or women around them they can also begin to value themselves. Gender specific sober housing allows for a lot of the social dynamics that were lost and coping skills that were never learned; begin to develop. Most importantly though gender specific sober housing keeps the focus on recovery and getting sober. Because there is no way to revert back to old behaviors that might have been active while drinking and drugging, nor is there a need to impress a member of the opposite sex; each individual can focus on what is truly important and that is getting sober.


Gender specific sober housing can teach many addicts and alcoholics how to trust again, to be accountable, to communicate more effectively while also giving them a strong basis for fellowship. All of these things are not only essential to find lifetime sobriety but are also essential to live everyday life. All of these things were something some addicts and alcoholics never learned because their lives were so unmanageable. Gender specific sober housing allows addicts and alcoholics to build strong bonds with members of the same gender and this allows for a healthy and more focused attitude towards recovery. Specific issues that are isolated for men and women also can be more easily addressed with gender specific sober housing. The list could go on and on for why gender specific sober housing is so effective.


The most important aspect though is still the ability to stay focused on what is truly important through gender specific sober housing; sobriety.