Arrogance in Recovery

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Arrogance in any capacity is not an attractive quality in fact it may be one of the least attractive personality traits a person can have. People who are arrogant have overbearing attitudes, are difficult to be around, and quite frankly don’t make you feel too good about yourself. An arrogant person’s behavior can cause upset friends and family. People who have addictions and alcoholism more often than not develop an arrogant attitude. Arrogance keeps them from getting help for their problems and it can lead to even more problems if they do manage to get help and stay clean. Arrogance in recovery is almost worse than arrogance in addiction because it can lead straight back to negative thinking, negative acting and even getting high or drinking again.

Arrogance is defined as an offensive display of superiority or self-importance. Arrogance is an attitude or feeling of better or superior to someone, so much so, that it is overbearing. Arrogant behavior is rarely seen in a positive way.

So why do people act arrogant?

  • Arrogance in recovery is most commonly the tell-tale sign that the person has very low self-esteem. Arrogance in recovery allows a person to hide their own lack of self-worth by covering it up with fake superiority. An arrogant person would show off their possessions, achievements, etc. in order to convince someone else of how good they are or how much better than them they are.
  • Some people use arrogance in recovery as a defense mechanism. This is due to not wanting to show any vulnerability in front of the other person because they think they might get hurt. People who have a fear of intimacy usually will act arrogant because it keeps people from getting close.
  • Some people are arrogant because they have an actual condition known as narcissistic personality disorder. This disorder is one where the person is so obsessed with themselves that it is now a pathology. Someone with this disorder will be vain, egotistical, and arrogant.
  • Some individuals just don’t communicate well and they may appear arrogant but are not trying to.

So how do you overcome arrogance in recovery?

  • Learn to be humble. Humility doesn’t mean thinking less of yourself or becoming weak. It means owning up to the fact that you are human and you have flaws. Nobody is perfect and the humble person is honest about that. It takes a lot of strength and courage actually to show humility as opposed to fear based arrogance.
  • Meditation is a great way for people who are struggling with arrogance in recovery to have a deeper understanding of the way their mind works. This means that people who are arrogant can become better at spotting their negative thoughts and actions or behaviors like arrogance.
  • Spending time thinking about other people is a great way to overcome arrogance in recovery. If anyone is arrogant it is because they are worried about their own image, concerned with themselves, whatever it is it is all about them that make them arrogant. Focusing on other people stops arrogance in its tracks by taking the focus off their own life.
  • People who actually value themselves don’t need to convince other people of their worth, they will just be comfortable with who they are. Anything that helps someone increase their self-esteem can help them with arrogance in recovery.

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